10 Keys Engineering The Alpha

Steven David

Tye Gnass

“Upon completion of the book, 10 Keys To Success, I felt a sense of fulfillment and enlightenment.” – Talia Krystina

World’s Best 10 KeysTo Success

To all those in the running, run faster

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Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha Chapter 1

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About This Book


The World’s Best 10 Keys To Success is a new approach to the self-help genre. The goal is to guide people towards a happier and more fulfilled life. Success is not just about making money. It is about finding true value within oneself and one’s life. Based on research from a wide range of sources, the book serves up new insights on old topics, ultimately showcasing the real importance in life.

The 10 keys are set up to function as a framework for 10 steps towards a better life. The book delivers different perspectives on subjects that we all deal with every day of our lives.

Unravel new ideas on family, friends, income, travel, relationships, self, happiness, giving, nourishment, and exercise. The book’s goal is to emphasize what is most important in life. It is an effort to get people to recognize the parts of their lives that often get overlooked.

A person will often forget that by focusing on what one already has, they can attain so much more. Appreciation and respect for each of the 10 Keys To Success is what brings forth the true achievements in a person’s life. This is the key to unlocking a better life, and it starts on page one